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If you are in the Elkins, West Virginia, area...

Crandall Creek has a residency at the Mountain Rail Adventures in Elkins, West Virginia, where people come from all over the world for a train ride, dinner, and a Crandall Creek Bluegrass Show.

Shows are at the Hammer Assembly Hall4-H Camp Pioneer, Beverly,  West Virginia, at 7:30 p.m. and cost $10. 

We played 30 shows there in 2023. Please check back - we'll share our 2024 schedule as soon as it becomes available..

And you can check out the train rides at

Past shows


We played more than 50 shows in 2023, including a return engagement at the world-famous Station Inn in Nashville, the public television show Song of the Mountains at Lincoln Theatre (Marion, Virginia), the Seneca Rocks (West Virginia) concert series, and Treasure Mountain Festival in Franklin, West Virginia. In 2022, we also performed at the Lucketts Bluegrass stage (Leesburg, Virginia), the Mountaineer Opry House (Milton, West Virginia), and festivals in Milan, Michigan; Greenfield, Ohio, and more.

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